About us

Alfa Romeo Service Muukkonen operates in Pedersöre municipality in a village called Esse. Our workshop and spare parts warehouse is located in the middle of the village along road 68. We have both spare parts sales and workshop service and have been doing Alfa Romeo service and repairs since 1989, this year we celebrate 30 years with Alfas!

If you want to book a time for service or repair, you can contact us for an offer or a cost estimate.

You will find the most common Alfa Romeo spare parts and accessories in our new online store. The focus of our spare parts has been on parts needed for service and maintenance. Over time, many new Alfa spare parts will be added to the webshop, even more rare spare parts. Our range of Alfa spare parts is constantly increasing, so check out our offers.

The availability of Alfa Romeo spare parts was expanded this year through a collaboration between both MyAlfa and Alfa Service Hurtienne.

We have been supplying spare parts and knowledge to both new and old Alfa Romeos for many years, but thanks to a new collaboration we can now offer spare parts at low cost directly from our partners wholesale warehouses. We can order almost 10,000 items directly from stock and shipments from Germany are usually delivered within a week.